Nice building.

As it turns out, buildings are our secret sauce for powering each of our publicly accessible, Level-2 EV chargers.

Become a property partner; be awesome; be the first to solve the charging gap in your neighborhood while earning passive income.

Let's Partner

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  • 1
    How does this work?
  • 2
    What’s my role?
  • 3
    You said passive income?
  • 4
    Sign me up!
  • 5
    Just curbs? What about if I have a parking lot?
  • 6
    Is a permit required?
  • 7
    Do I have to pay for the charger installation or maintenance?
  • 8
    What are the unit specifications?
  • 9
    Am I liable for accidents with the charger?
  • 10
    Do I have to pay for the electricity that EV drivers use?
  • 11
    How much will I get paid once the charger is installed?
  • 12
    What if I no longer want the charger in a few years?
  • 13
    Tell me the details on a typical installation.
  • 14
    Is it OK if my electrical panel is outside?
  • 15
    How do I know if I have enough electrical capacity to power a charger?
  • 16
    How will I know how the chargers are performing?
  • 17
    Can I control the hours the charger is available?