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Electrifying transportation is necessary for cities to achieve their net zero goals. Despite this all-electric future, EV charging is not easy for drivers who park on the street - and it’s even harder for cities looking for scalable and affordable public charging solutions.

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Today, the total cost to deploy a public L2 EV charger (excluding operations and maintenance) varies between $2,700 to $24,000 per unit. (ICF International)

For public L2 chargers, the total cost of EV charger deployment excluding O&M can vary between $2,700 to $24,000 per unit. (ICF International)


Today, construction of charging stations takes 4-8 weeks, and the entire process to bring a charger online can take up to 18 months. (EV GO)


Cities will need ONE MILLION public L2 chargers deployed by 2030. (NREL)

Hold up -- make that TWO MILLION. (Bloomberg NEF)

It’s electric solves the biggest barriers cities face in the deployment of public EV charging

If cities can't advance their infrastructure fast enough to integrate the hardware, then

Change the hardware.

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